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Barca Juniors FAQ Page

Barca Juniors Frequently Asked Questions

What ages qualify for Barca Juniors? 

  • Players between U5 - U10 (born 2013 - 2018)

What age group does my child fit into? 

  • Born 2018/17 = U5/U6
  • Born 2016/15 = U7/U8
  • Born 2014/13 = U9/U10

What is the difference between U7/8 and U9/U10 Barca Juniors and the U7 - U10 Barca Juniors Academy? 

How do I know if my player is ready for Barca Juniors Academy? 

  • Fill out the Player Interest Form. Players should have a foundation of control of the soccer ball and their bodies. Players should have at least 1 - 2 seasons of soccer experience. 

Can my player participate in the Barca Juniors Program and play on another soccer team, like OYAA or Classics Eagles? 

  • Yes! Our program is designed to provide supplemental soccer development for players. 

Is there a Game experience for Barca Juniors? 

What if my player is ready for the next step, after Barca Juniors and/or Juniors Academy? 

What if we have questions about how to join the Barca Academy Columbus Team Experience (U8 and Up)? 

Interested in joining BAC team experience

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