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2019-20 Barça Academy Information

The Truth about BARÇA Academy Columbus

  1. "They don't play in external leagues." FALSE.  All the teams in the Academy from U8 to U19 will have access to external competition at a Local, State, and/or National level depending on the level of teams. 
  2. "Barça doesn't allow you to play other sports"  FALSE. We support dual athletes, it is part of the American culture and we fully respect the situation.  We had multisport athletes on every team in the academy this year including those that played travel basketball, middle school basketball,  football, lacrosse, track and baseball to name a few.
  3. "Barça doesn't allow you to play or discourages play of HS Soccer." FALSE.  To play HS soccer is part of the American culture and we always support these things. All of our eligible High School players played in high school last fall. For those players that are 8th graders on a U15 team we do offer a Fall Experience so that you keep developing while your teammates are playing HS soccer.
  4. "It is for players who want to be professional  and they are trying to develop players to send to Spain." FALSE BARÇA Academy Columbus is for all levels of players to enjoy and experience the beautiful game of soccer.  We want players to achieve their own personal goals in the game of soccer whether that is to play for high school team, college, or to play professionally.  Don't get us wrong--we would love to send talented players to play professionally in Spain in the future, but we are here to help every player achieve their own personal goals by playing the game the right way.   We do offer international opportunities to as many players as possible because is not just a soccer tournament, it's a life experience. . 
  5. "Barça puts a ton of pressure on the kids and could take the fun out of the game." FALSE.  Completely the opposite. The first thing that our coaches say to our players is: "YOU ARE ALLOWED TO MAKE MISTAKES, I AM HERE TO HELP AND TO SUPPORT YOU IN EVERY SINGLE THING YOU NEED."  If you are not having fun it is impossible to learn and we don't put pressure to our players at all.   Our objective is to help the players to learn this game while they are having fun the time that they are with us.  


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